Ever Eaten Sea Urchins?

The French like to eat many things they can fish, hunt, pick… sea urchins is one of them.
They’re found in the Mediterranean sea around Marseille and can be collected at certain times of the year only (November to March). And like most food stuff in France, it’s the opportunity for a shared meal called: Oursinade. This tradition dates back from 1856 and gives the opportunity for everyone to share a sea urchins platter at a reasonable price by the sea side in the winter sun.


Key Vocabulary:

  • les oursins: sea urchins
  • déguster: to taste with a notion of enjoying and savoring
  • la petite cuillère: dessert spoon
  • un pateau d’oursins: a sea urchins platter
  • les pêcheurs: fishermen
  • au bord de l’eau: by the water
  • On partage: we share
  • Le goût est subtil: The taste is subtle

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