Geological Smurf Houses in Corsica

Corsica is a French island in the South East of France and the Corsicans don’t call it l’île de beauté (The Island of Beauty) for nothing. It is outstandingly beautiful and, although sought after by tourists, it has been well preserved. Here you discover houses built underneath naturally hollowed out granite formations. These shelters have been used since prehistoric times by men for themselves, their animals, for food storage or even as burial places. A few subsist and their locations are kept secret in order to preserve them.


Key Vocabulary:

  • un véritable trésor: a true treasure
  • dénicher: to find – with a connotation that it’s not easy to do so
  • construire ces murs: build those walls
  • ajouré par une porte ou une fenêtre: open through a door or windw
  • les bergers: shephards
  • une sépulture: burial place
  • naturellement creusé par le vent et le sel: naturally hollowed out (dug) by wind and salt

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