A Traditional Recipe from Alsace: the Baeckeoffe

Alsace is a French region in the North East of France near Germany. Alsace was part of Germany until 1918 and has kept many traditions from that time: its dialect (l’Aslsacien), its Christmas markets and many of its recipes. The Baeckeoffe is one of them. It means: the baker’s oven. It’s a slow cooked pot roast that was traditionally prepared at home and brought to the baker’s to be cooked in the oven after he had made his bread. Marinated in Alsacian white wine for 24 hours then cooked for 3 to 4 hours, it’s a wonderful heart warming, belly filling dish – perfect for family gatherings.


Key Vocabulary:

  • une épaule d’agneau: a shoulder of lamb
  • la joue de porc: pork cheek
  • les baies de genièvre: juniper bays
  • un clou de girofle: clove
  • une pomme de terre: potatoe
  • un poireau: a leek
  • une feuille de laurier: a bay leaf
  • laisser mijoter: to slow cook

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