Behind the Scene at Versailles Gardens

Discover what people never get to see at Versailles gardens (les Jardins de Versailles): the vegetable garden, entirely organic, whose produce go to the best French restaurants; the storms that devastated the perfectly symmetrical French-style gardens; the Orangerie (where 3000 citrus fruits are kept indoors in the winter); the colors of fall upon Versailles. Versailles Gardens as never seen before (les jardins de Versailles comme vous ne les avez jamais vus).


Key Vocabulary:

  • le potager -> vegetable garden
  • une aubergine -> eggplant (or aubergine in the UK)
  • une citrouille -> pumpkin
  • mettre en place des méthodes simples -> implement simple methods
  • sans mouiller les feuilles -> without getting the leaves wet
  • bio -> organic
  • un ananas -> pineapple
  • jardin à la française -> French-style garden (formal garden as opposed to the landscaped English garden)
  • une tempête -> storm
  • le givre -> frost
  • abattre 1500 arbres -> to fell 1500 trees
  • les agrumes -> citrus fruits
  • un chef d’oeuvre -> a masterpiece
  • l’automne -> fall (autumn in the UK)

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