Jeu de l’Oie (fun grammar game!)

It’s very difficult to find fun French grammar games.

But, here is one which lets you practice specific grammar points (from beginner to advanced level) while playing a traditional French game: le jeu de l’Oie (a simple board/die game).

Here are a few examples of the grammar points covered:
– être ou avoir
– les adjectifs possessifs
– le présent de l’indicatif
– la négation
– bon, mauvais, bien,mal
– passé composé
– qui, que, que, dont, où
– and many others…

Warning: you might get frustrated at the end as you can only win if you roll the exact number and the questions start repeating themselves. Just stop when you’ve had enough 🙂

Click on the screen below to open a link to the website.


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