Le Pendu (Hangman)

Le pendu (hangman) is as popular in French as it is in English. Here, from a French site (www.bonjourdefrance.com), you will find an interactive version that lets you pick a category (computers, car, …) and even ask for a hint (demande d’aide) which will give you a definition.

What’s particularly good about this game

Le jeu du pendu is great to test your vocabulary and spelling and learn new words. In this version, all words seem to come with their article (un, une, les) which also helps learn the gender (feminine or masculine) of the words.

Below you can see the word should be: les phares (category: car, hint: to light up the road).

The game design (colours, fonts) looks a bit old but I like the hangman being hung by one foot and losing his hat. A novel take on the traditional design.

Click on the image below to try the game (opens in a new window)


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