Babar, I spy

Do you know Babar the Elephant? Babar has always been very succesful with French children. Trying to escape hunters, Babar discovers Western civilisastion and brings it back to the his fellow elephants, becomes king and brings up his family with much wisdom.

This online game is based on the famous ‘I spy with my little eye’ game. Pick a letter and try and find as many words beginning with that letter as possible by clicking on the objects. You’ll notice that the drawings look old-fashioned. That’s because Babar was created in 1931 and although he made it in recent years to the TV in a more modern format, many French people will remember him just like that. I suppose that’s the charm of Babar!

Click on the image to start the game.

Extend you French vocabulary with Babar the Elephant and this I spy with my little eye game.

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