Fun French Jokes

I’m sure you know the chicken joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? Pourquoi le poulet a-t’il traversé la rue?

Eh bien, pour aller de l’autre côté !

Of course.

But, do you know what Clinton, Bush, Chirac, Socrates, Einstein, Cantona, Darwin and many others could have answered to that very same chicken question?

You’ll find this and more in this French Jokes website including funny IQ tests, dictionnaries (homme/femme, homme/français), Monsieur et Madame ont un fils, French quotes, …

Be prepared to be surprised, amused and entertained by this French jokes website (click on the image below to open the website and scroll down to ‘Divers’ to find the page on the chicken but do read the others, they’re good too).

French Jokes

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