BBC Animated Clips

The BBC website has a learning zone which covers several subjects, one of which is Learning French. There, I have found a series of mini animated clips (approx. 5 minutes long). For each clip, you will find a short summary of the story in English and the key words in French. The vocabulary is rather simple and suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

The stories are either inspired by classics like The Tortoise and the Hare, The Town and Country Mice or made up. They are meant for use in classrooms. They are not laughing-out-loud stories but they are a fun way to learn new vocabulary and that’s why they’ve made my list. The key words are often repeated to help memorise them. It doesn’t make for brilliant scenarios but, as far as learning French goes, it’s rather efficient.

Below is an example (the story of Jason and Medea).

Click on the screen print to visit the site (opens in a new window).


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