Interesting Reads:

This superb French website is made for 7-13 year old French children (just perfect for English people learning French, whatever their age!). posts one article a day on a variety of subjects (daily affairs, world news, planet, science, bizarre, …).

What makes so good?

– The article are well written and most of the time interesting. The website is owned and managed by Milan, an editor who publishes a lot of quality educational French magazines for children.
– You can subscribe to their RSS feed on the home page and receive the headline of the daily article in your email inbox.
– Difficult words are explained.
– It’s a great way to be exposed to French culture, learn about famous French people, understand what French people find interesting and what their points of view are. All this while perfecting your French at the same time 🙂

Take a look below (click on the screen for a link to the website)

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