Learn Basic Words

I can’t recommend this site enough. It contains great little games (interactive and fun) to help you learn basic French words (with their spelling and pronunciation): greetings, numbers (1 to 100), date, weather, relatives, body, colours, pets, school, transport, food, clothes, room, furniture, basic conversation phrases.

The games are repetitive yet varied enough to help you learn without getting bored. Moreover, you can also print out pdf exercises to practice off-line.

I had started looking for basic words websites for my children and had started to compile a list of the best one for colours, the best one for parts of the body, etc. Then, I found this website and it’s now the only one I use with my children.

And … it’s all free.

A little gem of a website!

Click on the screenprint below and pick a topic (the screenprint below is in the Parts of the Body section).


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