Think of somebody, the genie will guess who

This is a great game. Think of somebody (real of imaginary, French or not) and let the genie ask you questions in French. All you have to do is answer: Yes, No, Probably Yes, Probably No or I don’t know. And, it’s amazing … it works! The genie, Akinator, guessed my person (Sarkozy) very easily. Then I thought of somebody less well know and dead: Camille Claudel (a French sculptor) and the genie guessed her too!

Will he guess your person?

Great game to help you increase your vocabulary in a fun and easy manner.

: The game contains a lot of flashing adds. Annoying but try and just ignore them. Also, you do not need to subscribe but you need to give a name and confirm you’re over 18. I think the age is purely so you could subscribe to their mobile phone ads as both my children aged 8 and 10 have played with me and there’s no content that justifies this age limit.

Let us know in the comment box underneath if you’ve beaten the genie 🙂

Give it a go (click on the picture below to open a link to and start playing).




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