La Galette des Rois – The Sweetest French Tradition

In France, every year we celebrate the Epiphany with a special cake called Galette des Rois (Kings’ galette). The galette is a flat pastry cake. It has an almond filling (la frangipane) and a little clay trinket hidden in it (une fève). Everyone shares the cake. The person who gets the piece with the fève becomes the king or queen for the day. It is a much loved French tradition which everyone enjoys with pleasure whether religious or not.

Here’s a documentary with the recipe.


Key Vocabulary:

  • la galette: flat pastry cake
  • un oeuf (les oeux): egg (s)
  • une amande: almond
  • le sucre: sugar
  • la pâte feuilletée: puff pastry
  • la recette: the recipe
  • partager: to share

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