Cinéma: A Review of ‘Bande de Filles’ (2014)

A review (all in French) of Bande de Filles, a 2014 film which shows with humour, realism and without concessions what life in the French suburbs is like for a group of 4 young girls. Filmed by Céline Sciamma with 4 unknown actresses, Bande de Filles has won several awards (Special Jury Prizes at the Lumières Awards and Philadelphia Film Festival).

Key vocabulary:

  • la banlieue: suburbs
  • une bande de filles: a group of girls
  • la jeunesse: youth
  • émouvant: moving
  • la bande annonce: trailer

If you want to see if in French with English subtitles, it’s called Girlhood in English and you can buy it on Amazon US here
or Amazon UK here.

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