How to type French accents

You might have heard about using alt + 3 or 4 digits on the numeric keypad. This is a cumbersome solution as you have to type these 4 digits for each accent. If, like me, you have a laptop (no numeric keypad), it means using numlock every time…

Instead, I suggest:

– if you’re on windows: go to your control pannel and install one of the following keyboards

UK extended:
Alt Gr + e                                 -> é
`+ e or u or a                           -> è, ù, à
Alt Gr + c                                 -> ç
Alt Gr + ^ then the letter          -> ê, û, î, û, ô
Alt Gr + ” then the letter          -> ë, ï
Alt Gr + 4                                -> €



US International:
Alt Gr + e     or   ‘ + e               -> é
`+ e or u or a                           -> è, ù, à
Alt Gr + ,      or   ‘ + c              -> ç
Shift + ^ + e or u or i or u or o -> ê, û, î, û, ô
” + e                                        -> ë
Alt Gr + 4                                -> €

Use Alt shift to switch from one keyboard to another.


if you have a mac: use the option key
option + e                               -> é
option + ~ then letter               -> è, ù, à
option + c                                -> ç
option + i then letter                -> ê, û, î, û, ô
option + u then letter               -> ë


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  1. This is the most useful resource I have found lately.

    Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome.

    Practical and immediately useful, thanks so much. I have written no less than about 15 french accents in about the last 20 mins. Before I was just writing ‘a bientot’ at the end of lots of comments and emails but look at me now…

    a bientôt,

    très, très content

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