FrenchForFun.net is all about making your French learning experience fun and effective for free or as little money as possible.

I’m French and all my recommendations have been tested on my ‘guinea pigs’: my now-fluent-in-French British husband and my 2 bilingual children (who still need to improve their French vocabulary, spelling and grammar).

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Why FrenchForFun.net?

I’m French (although I’ve been living in the UK for 16 years now) and have 2 children who, until 2 years ago, used to go to a French Primary School. My challenge, since they’ve transferred to a British Primary School is to find ways for them to further their French knowledge (or simply keep it up – I’ve become more realistic after the first year). However, I have a boy who simply hates grammar and conjugaisons. So, I’ve had to be creative and have looked long and hard everywhere to find anything that will make him enjoy French and learn it at the same time.

This site is the result of this research and I hope it will be useful to many of you. It’s full of tips and resources that can truly cut down your learning time. Most resources are free. You’ll see that I also recommend some books. Of course, these aren’t free but I’ve tested them on my husband (who is British and, now, thanks to these books, fluent in French), my children and our friends. They only make it to the website when we all love them. I really think they’re worth the investment.


What’s unique about FrenchForFun.net?

Because I’m French and live in the UK, because my children are bilingual, you will notice that many videos and exercises I recommend are not just made for English speaking people learning French but for French people themselves by French people.

This, I believe, will help your learning in many ways including correct pronunciation and exposure to French culture.




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  1. Hey there,

    I found you on another source which I just left another comment. Well, I am a French woman living in the US. I am a freelance writer, interpreter, a life coach and I also own a blog about France.

    I love your blog here, lots to look at. I will definitely come back and check you out!

    A la prochaine 🙂

    • Merci Sylviane ! C’est sympa d’être venue visiter mon site.
      Je commence tout juste et j’ai beaucoup à apprendre !
      Do come back. I’ll keep an eye on your great blog too (looking forward to your next Summer French city :).

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